Friday, September 11, 2009

Latest Zombie animations

These are some of the latest zombie animations I have done for the upcoming game that should be out very soon!

7 falls Colorado

This is a landscape I did from reference taken from 7 falls in colorado springs. It is a canyon in the mountains, lined with lots of sharp rocks.

This is the first painting I did on location outside of Denver in the foothills of the Rocky mountains it took approximately an hour.

This is the second painting I did in denver it is 360 degrees from the first one, it also took an hour.

This is a small plateau right off of I-70 in a suburb outside of Denver called Golden. It was done on location in about an hour.

Fall 09 Plein Air

This is the final painting I did at cave hollow, it was a really neat scene I don't think I did it Justice.

This is my first painting in cave hollow, it isn't a real good design.

This is the first painting I did this semester, I was off to a rough start!