Thursday, July 26, 2012

Da Red Ones Go Fasta

 In honor of Games Day I decided do a piece involving some Ork Boyz in a Trukk as they race headlong across the desert into the fray of combat. This was a pencil sketch I brought into Photoshop and rendered it tryin to utilize more textur.
 These are some sketches I did in an attempt to work on speed, above is a necron Triarch fightin a Dark Eldar wych, and a Daemonette of slaanesh riding her seeker steed and below is Trygon Ambushing a land raider.

 These are some timed ones I did to really get my timing down, these are both 45 min. The first is an Ork Warphead, and the other is Chaos Space Marine From the fallen chapter of the Thousand Sons.

Below is some of the promotional stuff/ art stuff I am taking to Chicago