Thursday, July 26, 2012

Da Red Ones Go Fasta

 In honor of Games Day I decided do a piece involving some Ork Boyz in a Trukk as they race headlong across the desert into the fray of combat. This was a pencil sketch I brought into Photoshop and rendered it tryin to utilize more textur.
 These are some sketches I did in an attempt to work on speed, above is a necron Triarch fightin a Dark Eldar wych, and a Daemonette of slaanesh riding her seeker steed and below is Trygon Ambushing a land raider.

 These are some timed ones I did to really get my timing down, these are both 45 min. The first is an Ork Warphead, and the other is Chaos Space Marine From the fallen chapter of the Thousand Sons.

Below is some of the promotional stuff/ art stuff I am taking to Chicago

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hartford Trip 2012

Here are some images from my two-week MFA summer session at the University of Hartford in Connecticut.
This is a portrait of a Trygon Prime, done using the steps taught by Chris Payne

 Here is Chaos Space Marine Lord done trying to emulate Chris Payne’s painting style, this was for a weeklong class taught by Gary Kelly and Chris Payne. Both of these were mixed traditional media.
 This is a title screen I did for a Sexy Space Ladies Game done for Nancy Stahl and Zina Saunders class on developing an app using computer software. It was done in painter and Photoshop.

Below are some sketches I did in my sketchbook over the two weeks. This was done in ballpoint pen

 Theses images are from a trip to the Norman Rockwell museum where they were displaying a Howard Pyle show.
 In the WoodCarvers Shop, 1895, Howard Pyle
 Battle of Yorktown, 1899, Howard Pyle
 Detail of the Battle of Yorktown
Galleon Off a Coast, 1922, N.C. Wyeth
Now its time to get Ready for Games Day!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

June (give or take a few weeks)

These are some images I have been working on over the past few weeks, (just a warning there is some nudity in these images).
 Space Ladies in a saloon fight

 Some Beach Stuff
 A half finished Avatar Painting

 Neoburg day at the zoo
 Giant Monsters

 Some Scientific Illustrations about view points and the human form
A roller derby

and a bachelor party