Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eowyn vs The Witch King W.I.P.

This is for a Lord of the Rings piece I'm working on, this is just the under painting stage. I'm going for more saturated colors we'll see if it works.

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  1. Definitely a great start Jeff!

    You gonna post your WIP on ArtOrder forumns? I've seen a lot of great advice given there. I don't know if you WANT any feedback...and I would have to say you are already doing a better job then if you want don't bother reading on...

    I don't know how much you correct and adjust as you paint (which I do ALOT) but here are some general assessments:

    1. everything in the immediate foreground doesn't seem to read as if it is close, (Dragon head, dead father...) Part of it is the lack in foreshortening, the other part is fact almost all the characters in the for- and middle ground are the same scale. Just a thought.

    2.I love how your illustration leads in a swirl motion starting from the smoke, to the castle, down to the dragon, to the fallen father, then to the woman and finally the witch evil guy...however something else occurs which kinda bugs me ... they are all in a perfect diagonal straight line: Castle turret, dragon body, witch guy, and then the woman. This might be fixed if the dragon was readjusted to have more presence on the top of the hill...or move the girl closer to the viewers, and a bit to the left. Also the woman doesn't seem to be on the same plain as the witch king. Looks like she would fall straight on her back right now...maybe move her right leg more towards the viewer? that the hobbit in the far right corner? If so it doesn't look like he is part of the narrative at all...maybe move him close to the hill right under the womans hilt?

    anyway...I'll shut up now...haha Compared to what you know and can do regarding fantasy and sciencefiction illustrations, I am only an amateur..or better yet a novice. Glad to see the progress...I'm excited to see the end result! Hope you didn't mind the advice...