Sunday, January 8, 2012


After sleeping for about 12 hours I have decided to give this little experiment a rest. Over the past 3 weeks I have been dedicating myself to attempting to sharpen my artistic skills by doing a series of daily routines. I tried to take the momentum that I had coming off of a recent trip to Los Angeles, and even more recent trip to New York City; taking all the raw inspiration and drive I had amassed and turning it into artwork.

The overall goal seems to be success I feel that in the last few weeks I have made some drastic alterations to the way I create and perceive art. Looking back on the art I have made in the past I can look at it with a fresh perspective and see many of the shortcomings. One thing I learned I do not do well is time management or at least allocating proper time to complete a project.

But anyway I just wanted to thank everyone for their support during this little experiment with ASS POWER. And if anyone is thinking about attempting such an adventure I would recommend trying and maintain contact with live human beings, it doesn’t take too long for delirium to set in.


  1. Thanks for sharing- I looked forward to seeing the work every day!!!

  2. Thanks Tifani, I plan updating more frequently, plus I want to keep doing these still lifes, I've come to realize that its kind of like working out on a daily basis, you have to exercise to get stronger.