Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hartford Trip 2012

Here are some images from my two-week MFA summer session at the University of Hartford in Connecticut.
This is a portrait of a Trygon Prime, done using the steps taught by Chris Payne

 Here is Chaos Space Marine Lord done trying to emulate Chris Payne’s painting style, this was for a weeklong class taught by Gary Kelly and Chris Payne. Both of these were mixed traditional media.
 This is a title screen I did for a Sexy Space Ladies Game done for Nancy Stahl and Zina Saunders class on developing an app using computer software. It was done in painter and Photoshop.

Below are some sketches I did in my sketchbook over the two weeks. This was done in ballpoint pen

 Theses images are from a trip to the Norman Rockwell museum where they were displaying a Howard Pyle show.
 In the WoodCarvers Shop, 1895, Howard Pyle
 Battle of Yorktown, 1899, Howard Pyle
 Detail of the Battle of Yorktown
Galleon Off a Coast, 1922, N.C. Wyeth
Now its time to get Ready for Games Day!


  1. Rad stuff my friend, that was a great time. The Trygon Prime turned out awesome!

  2. Thanks Brad, it was good time I'm going through withdrawal, I have a feeling NY will be awesome