Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Comicbook so far

This is my comic so far there isn't much story but there is a lot of violence. The last page, the double spread will eventually have the credits on it once I come up with a name for the book.


  1. Oh Jeff, it wouldn't be you without the violence! ;)
    I'm really impressed so far! I wish it were bigger but that is not a dealbreaker. Hopefully you're keeping them big in case you plan on printing them!
    I really like the action sounds as well.

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  3. The comic looks nuts. The only minor issue I have is the text within it. I can't tell if the lettering is hand written or not which is one thing that I notice in almost all of the comics I read, that all of the lettering is either hand written or in a style where it really looks that way. It could just be my computer not showing things they way they look or the comics that I read. Besides that, it looks great and can't wait to see more.

  4. Good comment Mike, it is just an issue of watching the anti-alias settings.