Friday, July 10, 2009

Zombie Lady

These are some trial animations that I did for an upcoming zombie game I'm working on. Its resolution had to fit into a 100x80 pixel square. These are for a side scrolling combat sequence. I made them using adobe photoshop zoomed in at a really high magnification. Every frame is on a new layer then I just opened them in adobe imageready to put them in sequence.
Animated Zombie
face sotgun zombie girl


  1. Michael showed me the house sprite today, it looks AMAZING.

  2. Can you get rid of the extra white pixels around the edges? Did you save this out as a GIF? Imageready doesn't really exist in the latest Photoshop does it?

  3. I love it when she falls down!! :D

    I have some bookmarks you might like-
    I would love to see more of this stuff! is a really great place to get ideas and see more pixel art.

    You probably know about this already but if you haven't looked, has tons of old school gaming sprites and sprite sheets.

  4. this brings me back soooo much to playing the first doom on my parents old VGA computer. Those look so cool.