Monday, December 26, 2011

Week Two, Still Life One

This is todays still life, it is a little strange looking. I tried to arrange all the objects in a fashion similar to an Illustration I'm working on. My hope was that if I could light it similarly to what it will be in the illustration it will help me have an idea how the light will work in the final illustration, we'll see how it works. I did this in gouache in about 2 hours.
This is my painting I did on Christmas morning, I did this on an i-pad using the brushes app and to approximately 2 hours. Below is the painting I did on Saturday, its an image of some of my books, it took 2 hours and was done in gouache.


  1. Awh yeah, Space Show in a Box! These are killer man.

  2. I have to say I prefer your Gouache still life paintings than your oil...they seem to have more substance, presence and completeness. Way to go on your goal btw. I'm currently working on a 100 hands project myself... X_x haha

  3. Thanks! I was hoping some one would recognize the space show in a box!
    Mike I think it has something to do with the ease that I can lay in paint with the gouache as compared to oils, I can use much smaller brushes. My oil brushes are all hardened with dry paint it makes it real hard to paint with. I don't know if its because they are synthetic or what. Good luck with the hands!